Ardent Company

SERVICES by Ardent Company, LLC

As a full-service General Contractor, Ardent Company, LLC has the resources to perform most aspects of civil infrastructure construction with its own force and equipment. Our capabilities include but not limited to:


  1. Highway and Bridge Construction
  2. Structural Concrete Construction
  3. Land Clearing, Earthwork and Site Development
  4. Underground Utility, Water, Storm and Sewer Construction
  5. Asphalt & Concrete Paving
  6. Sound Walls, MSE and Concrete Retaining Walls
  7. Soil Stabilization, Erosion Control and Landscaping


  1. Structural & Geotechnical Engineering
  2. Water Resources, Structural
  3. Design/Build
  4. Construction & As-Built Surveys
  5. CPM Development
  6. Value Engineering and Planning
  7. Construction Claims & Litigation
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